Pirate’s Cove


Who doesn’t love a hearty, seaside tale of pirates and lost treasure? Hopefully, you won’t have to walk the plank and become shark bait in this pirate-themed escape room we’re sure you’ll enjoy! You and your mates will be challenged in every direction, as you search for the hidden key to the long-lost treasure. With swords in hand and pegs on knee, your navigational skills and swaggering bravado will be put to the ultimate test.

Will you and your mateys survive the Golden Age of Piracy or be forced to walk the plank? Don’t be fooled into thinking your escape will be easy, as everyone will have to put some “Heave Ho” into finding a getaway. There’s no parrot to bribe for hints! Those who survive the tricks and mayhem of this treacherous journey can proudly display the Jolly Roger flag and become an official Pirate of No Escape!


This adventure also comes in a family-friendly version (Please check times for the family escape version).